Friday, April 15, 2011

Age is Totally Not Just a Number

Jaime got me an Ipod for my birthday.  Yeah, super rad.  I have walked the city side by side with Michael  Monroe, Stiv, the Rezillo's, The Explosion, D Gen, Lucero,

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Favorite Songs...Part 4

I have continually fallen in love with The Replacements.  They pull at my heart, and scream at my soul...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Want to Live Forever

There are a few days before I turn thirty.  I have achieved my main goal upon moving to the city.  I have managed with little vocal ability to front 2 (3 if you count The Tits, who were brilliant) bands that played often and well. 

The Kick was not my meal ticket,  But got me on stage,  And serious about being a vocalist.  We never burned hot enough too fade away with any note.  But we did it.  Hard enough to break up when I was planning a takeover of the world during what I naively assumed was just a hiatus. 

We have some leftovers.  A tune on a comp.  An ep I don't even own.

Thirty doesn't sound or seem old.  But conversely, looking back at 21....

Saying Goodbye

When we gathered, somehow both glistening and dressed seemingly all in black, at the Rock Candy party Steve Blush put on at Don Hill's, we set aside our pretensions (at 20 what pretensions did i have?!) and enjoyed guitars, bass and drums.

Sank our teeth in.  Shook our fists.

"I never grew out of my teenage angst,
 At age 21 I'm a teenage waste..."

Years on and I could still sing that same damn line (and I have).  But I never would have even had the opportunity to yelp/scream/sing these words if there was no place that accepted me.  And even more important, I never would have been able to do so over and over again,  Encouraged to even...if there was not that home base. 

Fuck, I did rock star shit in that home base.  I am no rock star.

I am extremely glad I got to pay my respects.  The man was far more than just the club that bore his name.  But I can only recall a time or two when he was not around.  Often at the end of the bar.  He would mumble in my ear.  Tell me where Nitebob (who was working with my band at the time) was.  Ask me what I was drinking.

One of a kind.  I am a better person for having known Don Hill.

Thank you Don for all the memories.  They could not have happened anywhere else.  Or without you...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Voice Can Lift Every Word (Stiff Little Fingers)

Jake Burns' voice is a violent harmony.  A mess of torn sandpaper and sharply shattered glass.

My Favorite Songs...Part 3

Chill inducing.  Every time.  Billy Bragg, a one man army, fighting only with an unsteady voice and a guitar...
A New England

(On a side note I am pretty sure that when I got a massage today on 6th at one of those cheap Asian joints, they had an Asian instrumental version of "There is Power In the Union.")

It kinda fucked with my relaxation.

Monday, April 4, 2011

My Favorite Songs...Part 2

This might be the most perfect piece of 3 minute songwriting ever.  Brilliant sells it short...

Another Girl, Another Planet