Friday, July 8, 2011

Looking Forward

If I could go back I would.
To before I knew any better, to 14 or 15.
When the world seemed giant and conquerable.

Or to 20.
When I moved to New York, and
Dreams rapidly became realities, became memories.

It is a bit sad.   I know.  But
If I could go back I would.

I watch the past in my dreams.  All fuzzy and I
could have done so much more...or maybe just
So much better.

I would go back with the knowledge I have now, or without.
I miss with great longing, the realization that something simple could change my world.
That I could sing on a stage.
That I could be someone.

I have some regrets, but they are few.  And still, I would go back,
Amass more, and charter a whole new path.
Not because this one is so bad, but because I am not wide eyed and desperately hungry

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