Monday, March 14, 2011

Inspiration is Not a Dirty Word

I recently had the pleasure of meeting for coffee with a reporter whom I continually admire.  A journalist who has done more to shine a light on the plight of people, especially women, in countries often overlooked, than any one I am aware of.

He was personable and inquisitive.  At one point I asked about what a person with limited expendable income, if any, should do to help right the vast wrongs that exist globally.

He somewhat predictably, but no less correctly, suggested finding one slice of a problem and making that your focus.  He also said he felt that people, especially younger people (with means) seemed too often to view their lives in three chapters.  Go to school, make money and then give back.  Finally he mentioned that people so often think of becoming committed to a volunteer opportunity as a sacrifice when in fact it so often becomes a passion.

What about monetary gifts?  I said that I gave to Obama's campaign and various progressive groups.  But I work in a non-profit and I know how little that twenty dollar gift goes.  Which brought me to mention another writer, George Tabb.

To call George Tabb a friend (which he is) is to short change him severely.   He is an inspiration, a confidant, a brother in arms.  A fucked up hero of the most epically delightful and dastardly proportions.

So when I said to the journalist that I gave a few dollars here and there to George.  He did not hesitate.  He raised a fist and smiled.  We both new that this money would go directly to a good cause.  He noted that this type of giving may be  a part of the future of social networks.  So why George?

I was maybe 21 when I woke up and got a call from my buddy Tommy congratulating me.  On what...?  I was fully confused.  George was a writer for the New York Press at the time and just got my first band The Kick named 'Best Punk Rock Band in NYC,' complete with a cartoon drawing of us fools.

That is the kind of guy George is.  I could go on (like when I sang Sonic Reducer at Bowery Ballroom for Joey Ramone's Birthday Bash with Furious George) and on.

George is sick.  He lived downtown in NYC on 9/11.  He has been an outspoken supporter of those affected by the tragedy.  And now he could use our help.

I say with the utmost humility and sincerity that I believe anything will be greatly appreciated.  By George (and by myself as well).

So this does not ring hollow I will be giving back to George this week.  Not a whole lot.  But what I can.  

Help George Tabb

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